"dengan kata-kata aku merangkum ragu, dengan puisi-puisi aku merancu dalam rindu." — David Tandri

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rhapsody of Love

: for my dearest shiny bride

The first of my life anthem, is to sing you my lovelorn soul
Linger upon the flawless wind
glint and gleam

For a man’s sake of an early glance, blinking at you dear
flaming inside shady eyes, by and by
Nature-force behind, growing along with the mood
amongst the spirit and sight, you are absolutely cute!

Lure me, sweetheart. Lure me.
Let me spring into your heartstring and spread my ink
before the dusk aging, and the road has been shrinking

Set a longitude between your fairy arms
And I’ll seed my farm under the curly sun
The breeze urges for emotions, sincere grin

Longing waft till hard afar, the earnest night seems wistfully and flat
O, my jumping heart, what a misty mad

Don’t bother to wan, yet chin up toward the sky-hung.
As I pour you a little soft kiss onto the forehead
and tear the sleek darkness away
Braving from within, leap through thick and thin, we were exactly found
For a true love donates, while a fake love counts.

And in the remaining path in the doorway, sweetheart
may bliss shed over us, tender lay withal
Though time flows and jammed, somehow we’ll blend
As my vow to keep sprouting upon you
straight to the noble end

I am stately
your man!

August 04th, 2012, Medan



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