"dengan kata-kata aku merangkum ragu, dengan puisi-puisi aku merancu dalam rindu." — David Tandri

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Solid Two

May I covering your lips with mine?
Since the rain is falling so hard,
and kissing you is one of my favorite part.

Though the skies are bleak
I wish to breach your eyes a sneak
just to realise, that without you, I am vulnerable and weak.

I hug you from behind,
to offer you a sweet line:
"That everything in love will be just going fine."

Scare for nothing
Stare me without any single blink
Hold your breath for a song to sing

Shalala dubidubidu...
Truly said my senorita, together we are meant to be a solid two!

June 02nd, 2013, Medan